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ZeroTransform is a VR content studio located in Bend Oregon. With decades of experience in game development among the team, ZeroTransform’s focus is to create experiences made better with Virtual Reality. Meet the founder: Justin Moravetz

The No-Bake Cookie Company creates no-bake cookies with a clean label. No preservatives, no trans fat, no artificial colors or flavors. Pure goodness, pure flavor, pure nostalgia!

CrowdStreet is a crowdfunding marketplace connecting accredited investors with institutional-grade real estate investments. Finalist in the 2014 Bend Venture Conference; among companies funded. Meet the founders: Tore Steen & Darren Powderly

Amplion develops business intelligence software that gives pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies strategic control of the complete clinical biomarker landscape. WINNER of the 2014 Bend Venture Conference. Meet the founders: John Zicker and Adam Carroll

Droplr is the fast, simple way to share images, documents, files and links. Finalist in the 2013 Bend Venture Conference. Meet the team: Gray Skinner and Levi Nunnink

DealPoint  is a virtual deal room that lets sales prospects see the entire deal in context and reduces their risk when recommending your solution internally.  Meet the founder: Tom Williams

Ella & Oak is an online custom bridal boutique especially for plus-size women providing high-quality gowns with a try-on-at-home shopping experience for the curvy bride. Meet the founder: Christine Callahan

Opstarts develops planning and forecasting software for subscription businesses without the spreadsheets. Opstarts makes it easy to plan, budget, forecast and update projects of complex businesses. Meet the Co-founder and CEO: Deva Hazarika

Machines For Freedom creates high-performance, technical and sleek cycling gear for women that put in serious miles . Meet the founder: Jennifer Hannon

KARDIO FIT is a corporate wellness platform tied to a Million Dollar Sweepstakes incentive program that drives and sustains behavioral change. Meet the founder: Jim Miller

Nouvola is changing the way applications scale in the cloud.Winner of the 2013 Bend Venture Conference and OEN’s Angel Oregon Spring 2014 Investment Program. Meet the founders: Paola Moretto, Paola Rossaro 

Shape is a web app developed to provide pay-per-click analysts with easy to use and useful tools to manage monthly budgets. Meet the founders: Jon Davis, Chris Vlessis and David Teofilovic

ziPede is a new web based tool that helps moms, dads, and doctors take care of kids better. We are redefining the standard of medical care communication one office visit at a time. Better visits = Better care. Winner of 2012 Concept Stage, Bend Venture Conference. Meet the founder: Rick Cuddihy