Calling Bay Area Startups

FoundersPad and Seven Peaks Ventures has created a competition for startups willing to relocate from Silicon Valley to Bend and offer a weekend trip to the top 3 who apply,  your co-founders, and spouses. If you choose to relocate we will provide them temp office space and funding.  Read why you should consider moving your [...]

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Droplr Featured in Venture Beat

Droplr was recently featured in Venture Beat, an online newsource that covers disruptive technology and explains why it matters in our lives.  Read about their success in raising capital and securing enterprise customers.

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Bend, Oregon Strong Ecrosytem

Bend Noted for Entrepreneurial Ecosystem The Bend Bulletin reported on the myriad resources for entrepreneurs - PubTalk, StartUp Weekend, Next, TechAlliance, EDCO and FoundersPad.  The Kauffman Foundation ranked Bend as #16 in the country for the number of tech startups.  See the article below for details.    

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